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by many contributors

When planning to impress your wife on your wedding anniversary, try to avoid certain gestures and concentrate on positive expressions that illuminate your loving and unspoken feelings. Women are impressed by the size of the thought (or lack of it) rather than the gift.

Before you think about what to do for your wife, take a look at what not to do on this special day. These are meant in fun for the totally clueless guy ;) Of course your wife may actually like some of these things (as was pointed out recently by one of our readers Hanne who enjoys action movies much more than her husband).


  • Make her an early morning cup of tea while forgetting whether she takes sugar, milk, lemon or otherwise.
  • Offer to attend to the laundry, and then take it to your mother.
  • Make comments relating to what a wonderful cook your mother is.
  • Give her a cooking book, or any other book that remotely contains any reference to words such as ‘housekeeping, budgeting, diet or exercise’.
  • Purchase underwear or nightwear that is three sizes too small for her.
  • Give her silver when she prefers gold.
  • Buy her a year’s subscription to your favorite magazine.
  • Buy her a lawn mower. Although your intention may be to say you will be mowing the lawn for her, this is the equivalent of her buying you a new kitchen appliance.
  • Buy her a vacuum cleaner unless she specifically asked for one.
  • Buy her revealing lingerie if you know she hates it.
  • Point to her wedding dress and suggest she tries to squeeze into it tonight.
  • Forget the flowers if you know she loves them.
  • Plan on taking her to the local ‘Bar-n-Brawl’ for celebratory drinks.
  • Plan on taking her to the amateur fight night for a close and cultural evening together.
  • Take her to dinner, then an action movie,
    and then go home to top it off with wrestling matches on TV. -- by Tina
  • Take her to a dirt bike racetrack for the afternoon drinking beer and hanging out with your buddies. -- by Jackie
  • Do not take her to the shooting range with the "intention" of teaching
    you how to shoot and take over the gun the whole time you're there! (for
    military couples) -- by Sylvia
  • To husbands, what not to give your bride for your anniversary: A pass to the golf tournament that you'll be playing in on your anniversary, so she can walk along in the gallery to watch you and then get into the clubhouse afterwards for drinks with you and the players. This really DOES NOT make her feel special! PS it was our last anniversary -- by Kari
  • Buy her a pressure cooker , because you always wanted one. -- by Margie
  • Forget to celebrate your anniversary with her, when she's been
    telling you about how excited she is about it for 2 WEEKS! -- by Leigh Anne
  • Do not forget the date. Do not admit to forgetting the date. -- by Jennifer
  • Don't suggest to take your family along on your anniversary. -- by Gina
  • Do not ask her to clean a thing! -- by alaura926

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