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Personalized Books

Very cool gift for the wife who likes romance novels! Hardcover, paperback, and and/or instant eBooks! You and your spouse are the main characters. Mystery and Classic genres too.

Handcrafted Recycled Paper Jewelry

Gold Artisan Jewelry

Artisan Peridot Jewelry

Classic Peridot Jewelry

Fine Watches for Him and Her

Turn Your Favorite Wedding Photos Into Museum-quality Art






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1st Wedding Anniversary

Whether you give a gift or just flowers, adding a love letter or love poem with your gift will add a really special touch and really surprise her! All you need to do is sit down and write from the heart. It does not need to be a literary masterpiece because it is the thought that really does count most here. Check out our anniversary poem section for inspiration.

Before you start writing, think about how she makes you feel and all the reasons you are so fortunate to be together. Let her know you appreciate her. We assure you she will be impressed that you remembered the anniversary ahead of time and even took the time to write a personalized letter or poem.

Here is another tip: On your anniversary morning, give her a kiss and wish her a happy anniversary first thing before you even get out of bed to let her know that this was your first thought upon waking, and you will be off to a brilliant day!

Paper is the traditional material for the first anniversary, and plastic and clocks are the modern and alternate modern materials respectively. There should be plenty of scope within those materials for gift ideas, however you may also use the alternate modern jewelry materials of gold and peridot if you wish.


Traditional 1st Anniversary:
Modern 1st Anniversary:
Alternate Modern:
Alternate Jewelry Materials:


Gift Links for 1st Anniversary

Paper Gifts for Both:
Personalized first anniversary gifts
'Joy is in the Journey' personalized print
Beautiful paper gifts by world artisans
Original fine art paintings by world artists
Own your own special day
LED-lit wall hanging customized with 31 of your family member names
Personalized canvas wall hangings
Turn your photos into museum-quality art
Restaurant gift certificates for the couple

Paper Gifts for Her:
Personalized romance novels
Handcrafted recycled paper jewelry
Origami roses

Paper Gifts for Him:
Favorite sports team gifts made of paper
Smartphone-controlled paper airplane
Personalized mystery novels - your husband is main character

Also: for wood gifts, see the 5th anniversary!

Plastic Gifts:

Ready-to-go picnic backpack
Useful acrylic gifts
Portable audio equipment
Acrylic artisan paintings

Test of Time wall clock
Loving memories wall clock
Wide range of electronic and wall clocks
Fossil watches

Alternate Materials for Jewelry:
Gold: here and here and here
Peridot: here and here

More Anniversary Gift Ideas - Any Year:
Personalized anniversary gifts
Anniversary gift baskets
Gourmet French chocolate
Wine, beer, cheese, or flower monthly gift club
Anniversary artisan gift ideas
Personalized novels - you are the main characters
Personalized M&M love note candy
Register ownership of your special day. Seriously!

Party Planning :
Elegant wedding anniversary invitations
Decoration supplies



- From our Visitors -

Was checking out your site for ideas for my first anniversary! For paper/plastic, I’m thinking a lifetime resident fishing license. For Virginia it runs $260, so def not a cheap idea, but that is the cost for about 6 ½ years of annual licenses, so it will be a big save in the long run. That’s what marriage is all about right? The long run!
-- Donna Shagena

We¹ve been married 12 years now, but we began the tradition of ALWAYS doing something simple or grand based on the anniversary gift chart. My husband gave me the most amazing paper first anniversary gift. He bought a beautiful small laser cut album with beautiful cover and nice white paper pages (not a scrapbookers book). Months ahead of time he contacted my best friends and parents asking them to send a message to me on our first anniversary. When we married we had moved 3-8 hrs away from my dearest friends and family. He took all the messages and printed them in different fonts, and cut and applied them sweetly into the pages of this book each with a photo of me and that person. What a treasure these pages were to me and that he went to so much trouble to do something he knew I would truly cherish ­ so I don¹t mind bragging. My gift to him was a framed poster size list of 100¹s of reason why I love him, laced with funny quips, saying, and memories laid over a blow up photo from a special trip. I framed the print, and had it hung on the wall of the restaurant where we had dinner reservations. I had the restaurant be sure to seat us in the appropriate table so that he¹d be facing it. Since the restaurant has local artists work on the wall, it did take him a while to notice, but he was rather shocked that our memories were hanging on their walls. And more excited that he got to take it home with him. We have a blast with this tradition. It takes a lot of creative thinking. We¹ve even applied this tradition where the rule was that we had to write a poem as a our gift or spend no money, which means really getting creative.
-- V. Gregg, Charleston SC

My husband and I were saving for a new house so we were on a tight budget. As well, he had to work that night so while he was working I swung by and dropped off a paper rose I made with a needle and note. When he got home I had balloons all over the room with "pop me" on a few of them with a few extra notes and mini gifts in them (thus the need for the needle). Than a few leads to lead him out to the balcony where i had a picnic style candle light dinner awaiting. Plus, since he knows I can't cook, I attempted to make him dinner. He knew how much that meant. It was the most perfect, inexpensive night we ever had. I spent no more than $20 for the balloons and food.

For our first anniversary, I framed our wedding invitation floating in a frame with a decorative background and now it is on display with our wedding portrait in the living room. He was thrilled to have the keepsake showcased!
-- Doracy

For our first wedding anniversary I asked my old art teacher turned commercial artist if he would paint the location of where I proposed. It took a bit of advance planning but picture will last a lifetime and is one of a kind like my wife. It also created a theme so where ever has been important to us, for example the place where we got married, engaged, the reception etc, we have either bought a painting/drawing of the scene or are keeping a look out for one we like.
-- David Alldred

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For our first anniversary my husband got me a rainbow sundial that had a date line on it for the day we got married...along with a poetic inscription that he wrote himself. The time shadow rode the line perfectly on our special day, like something out of an Indy Jones movie - and he jokes that it will help him to never forget our anniversary. It is one of the coolest first anniversary clocks I have ever seen, and I will treasure it always!
-- Cheryl

Do not, repeat do not give her a gift only shows you didn't take the time to shop for her.
-- K. Dooley

On our first anniversary I got my husband a year's subscription to our local newspaper. He loves to read, and every time he picked up the paper he was reminded of me.
-- Jodi Etheredge

On my first wedding anniversary I bought my husband and myself matching pens and got them engraved. Something we could keep forever.
-- Regards, Jackie Whitford

When my cousin started planning his wedding and arrranging a wedding list, he simply said that after paying out for the cost of the wedding he would not even have a pot to pee in! So, to ensure that this never happened I searched everywhere and managed to buy him and his wife an antique chamber pot. So it seemed only appropriate that for his first and "Paper" anniversary I buy him and his good misses toilet paper.
-- Jalleeson

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