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Gold jewelry is always a great option, and there is a wide variety to choose from suiting any style. When buying jewelry for your wife, take note of what styles she already has so that you will have a better idea of what kinds of jewelry she likes. Then when you are shopping, buy something similar but a little bit different. Gold is also very easy because you can go for yellow or white gold by itself or with any kind of stone.

Real roses coated in 24k gold (upper left) or a gold plated plate would both be nice classic gifts. For that matter, any kind of personalized 50th anniversary gifts will be well received and show forethought on your end.

Alternatively you can go for a beautiful gold colored gift for the home. If the couple already has everything they need, consider an artistic gift like gold colored artisan glass, a sculpture, tapestry, or other artistic item.

Gold jubilee and Golden topaz are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 50th anniversary.


Alternate Modern:
  • Rings
  • Gold pendant
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Gold watch
  • Cufflinks or tie clip
  • Pin or brooch
  • Gold leaf picture frames
  • Gold flowers
  • Gold nugget
  • Kugerand
  • Gold collector's coins
  • 50th keepsake gifts
  • Gold lingerie or silk robe
  • Gold scarf or tie
  • Gold hit records


Gift Links for 50th Anniversary

Gold Gifts for Her:
Real roses dipped in 24 karat gold

Gold Jewelry:
Artisan jewelry from around the world
Classic gold jewelry

Engraved jewelry

Gold Gifts for Him:
Edible gold nugget chocolate
Gold watch

Gold Gifts for Both:
Personalized anniversary plate with gold trim
Personalized elegant wine canvas
'Story of a Lifetime' keepsake book
Gold gift baskets
Personalized gold M&M's
Gold paintings
More 50th anniversary personalization

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Gold jubilee
Imperial or Golden Topaz

More Anniversary Gift Ideas - Any Year:
Personalized anniversary gifts
Anniversary gift baskets
Gourmet French chocolate
Wine, beer, cheese, or flower monthly gift club
Anniversary artisan gift ideas
Personalized novels - you are the main characters
Personalized M&M love note candy
Register ownership of your special day. Seriously!

Party Planning :
Elegant wedding anniversary invitations
Decoration supplies



- From our Visitors -

We sent the invitation to our 50th wedding anniversary with a picture of us taken when we were engaged. The front of the card said:

”Do you know who we are? Oh, yes you do! Come party with us and help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!"

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The inside of the card has a current picture of us along with information about the anniversary party. Because we are blessed with so much after fifty years of marriage, we requested: “No gifts please, your presence is our gift”

We received great feedback from everyone about that card!
-- Kevin and Mary Ann

For my in-law's 50th anniversary, we all went to a fine dining German restaurant which was their favorite. They had immigrated from post-war Germany shortly after they married in their 20's with their three year old son via a ship that took over a month to arrive here. Times were tough then, but they have made a great life for themselves here in Australia and had two more children. As a gift, we got them a porcelain plate with gold trim that was personalized with their wedding picture. They loved it!
-- A





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