Wedding Anniversaries

Think of your wedding anniversary as your own personal holiday - celebrating the love of your best friend, lover, and partner in life.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
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Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts
Complete list of gift materials by year of marriage.

Personalized Keepsakes
A great way to show forethought by creating a personalized gift.

Romantic Gifts
Special gift ideas for any year.

Gift Ideas for Men
Creative ideas to give your husband.

For your Parents
Ideas for celebrating a special anniversary.

Anniversary Jewelry
How to pick out anniversary jewelry for your wife.


Last Minute Gifts
It's okay, here are some great gift ideas!

Flower Themed Gifts
Ideas from the 4th anniversary.

Beautiful Wood Sculptures
Carvings and more home decor from the 5th anniversary page.

Candy and Iron Gifts
Cool gifts for him and her from the 6th anniversary page.

10th Anniversary
Sculptures, themed roses, jewelry, and more themed ideas.

Copper and Wool
Gifts for the home, and wool clothing from the 7th anniversary.


Congratulations on another year with your sweetie! Deepening love and shared family memories are what make life special.

We are here to help you find a great anniversary gift. By marking your wedding anniversary each year, you will build a loving tradition that you can both look forward to in the years to come. is an idea resource for both traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas which we have listed by year of marriage. You can't go wrong with a romantic gift, but certainly don't feel limited in choice. You know your wife or husband best, and they might also appreciate a practical, funny, or pampering gift. By matching the gift to the traditional materials for your anniversary year, you show forethought no matter what gift you give.

We also group gift ideas into categories such as personalized gifts, romantic gifts, gift ideas for men, and more. Feel free to peruse our site however it is most useful for you.

Whether you are planning a 50th anniversary for your parents, enjoying a romantic first anniversary together, celebrating a 25th with friends, or marking a tenth anniversary with your young family, we are here to help.

If you need a last minute anniversary gift, we have you covered for that too.

Your wedding anniversary brainstorming starts here!




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Cherish this precious time with your wife or husband! It is both the small and big moments within the blink of a lifetime that create the rich memories you will savor and smile about in the years to come.


Wedding Anniversary


Anniversary Stories and Advice

Anniversary Stories: How couples have celebrated their wedding anniversaries

Anniversary Poems: A selection of romantic anniversary poetry to get your creative juices flowing

Ideas and Advice: Tips and musings on anniversaries

Gift Ideas: Wedding anniversary gift guide






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