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8th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on your 8th anniversary! You may think this is not a special anniversary because it is not your 5th or 10th anniversaries, however view it in this light...

The number eight is considered particularly auspicious in Chinese culture because it sounds similar to the word for 'prosper' or 'wealth'. It is pronounced like "bah" in Mandarin (pinyin: bā).

infinityWe also like the visual aspect of the 8th anniversary because it is similar to the infinity symbol which is a happy thing to associate with the connection you have with your husband or wife.

So from all of us here at, may your marriage be bountiful with infinite blessings and joy!

The traditional material of bronze is such a beautiful color and texture to have displayed in the home so take this opportunity on your eighth anniversary to find a decorative item you both like (see links below). Bronze jewelry would also be a lovely gift for your wife!

And if bronze does not appeal to you, the other traditional material of pottery (or ceramic) is another great decorating item because you can choose whatever style and color best fits your home. If your wife or husband has a creative streak, consider finding a local pottery school and buying them lessons.

If you are looking for something specifically for your husband, and the materials of bronze and pottery do not match his personality, you can use the other modern material appliance and give him a cool boy's gadget type of gift, tools for around the home, or gear for one of his hobbies.

The romantic wood statuettes to the bottom right are shaped like the number 8 and would also work very well for this anniversary year. Or these lovely personalized prints: infinity love or rings of love.

Linens are the alternate modern material. This provides a good range of practical gifts for the home. Donate your old sheets to an animal or homeless shelter and update your thread count. Throw pillows, tablecloths, tea towels, curtains, or pretty much anything of that nature would also apply.

Tourmaline and Tanzanite are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 8th anniversary. If you would like to give your wife jewelry but cannot find bronze styles that suit, tourmaline or tanzanite will be perfect. Another possibility is to go for the shape of the infinity symbol in a jewelry design.


Traditional 8th Anniversary:
Modern 8th Anniversary:
Alternate Modern:
Alternate Jewelry Materials:

Gift Links for 8th Anniversary

Bronze Jewelry:
Bronze jewelry
Bronzite jewelry

Bronze Gifts:
Bronze sculptures
Bronze candleholders
Bronze vases
Bronze anniversary teddy bear

Artisan vases from around the world
Handpainted porcelain flowers
Personalized couple under guardian angel
Cross with family name
Personalized anniversary plate
Tableware from Oneida
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Boy gadgets and other stuff for the husband

Personalized favorite photo pillows
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'8' Gift Ideas:
Wooden figurine of couple in figure 8 shape
Infinity wall print personalized with your names
Rings of love personalized canvas wall hanging

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Tourmaline: here
Tanzanite: here and here

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My wife and I brought back a bronze reclining buddha from Thailand and then I set up some soft feature lighting in the living room so that we could enjoy it in the evenings.










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