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75th Wedding Anniversary

The most important thing is to spend time with the ones you love! Seventy-five years of marriage is an achievement both in love and health. It is likely that there will be many grandchildren and perhaps great-grandchildren by this time. The best gift you can give the anniversary couple would be a family party with their favorite meal and comfortable chairs that make them feel special, secure, and central to the room and conversation.

As a gift, consider a group family photo or the couple's favorite wedding photo in a gold frame possibly studded with diamond or crystal.

A family heirloom quilt containing the picture memories from their lifetime takes a bit of effort to put together, but the looks on the anniversary couple's faces will be worth it! If the quilt option interests you, see the link below to the right. Another option is the 'The Story of a Lifetime' which will leave not leave a dry eye in the room.

A bouquet of diamond white roses is also appropriate. Alternatively, fine crystal flowers or a crystal figurine also ties in the diamond theme.

Add sparkly silver glitter or crystal rhinestones to cards, invitations and gift wrap.

Greetings can be solicited from Queen Elizabeth II, the President of the United States, or, in other countries, the Prime Minister.

Diamond Jubilee is the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 75th anniversary.


Alternate Modern:
  • Brooch
  • Gold watch
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Pendant
  • Single solitaire ring
  • Diamond cufflinks
  • Diamond tie tack
  • Gold medical alert bracelet
  • Gold collector's coins
  • Gold jewelry box
  • Black diamond
  • Music by Neil Diamond
  • Fine crystal gifts
  • Artisan gifts with diamond designs
  • Baseball collector gifts



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