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5th Wedding Anniversary

Because wood is both the traditional as well as modern material for the fifth anniversary, ideally it would be worked into the gift theme. Luckily it is a very versatile material with many great possibilities so you can easily tailor it to suit the recipient's interests.

We really like these engraved French chocolate wooden boxes because the gift has two parts - the delicious chocolate and then the personally engraved plaque on the box which can later be turned into a jewelry box or other household container for small bits that need to stay safe. You will fondly remember your 5th anniversary many years later with this permanent keepsake.

Some other favorites of ours, depending on your own personal interests, would be a bonsai plant, wooden sculpture of a couple in embrace, or carved wood flowers. If you wish to give traditional flowers, consider presenting five red roses in a wooden vase to bring in the 5th anniversary theme. These are all great anniversary gift ideas that would be suitable for your fifth wedding anniversary.

We also really love these genuine Welsh lovespoons! Being handcarved and traditional, it is a particularly special momento. For more about the origin of lovespoons.

If you are handy in the toolshed or good with crafts, then here is a sentimental gift idea that uses the alternate modern material of silverware paired with the traditional wood. Clean up a decorative family heirloom silverware set, or perhaps just one setting in the set, and arrange your favorite pieces in an elegant wood display case with a proper tarnish retardant cloth backing, and hang on the wall or in a display shelf so it can be enjoyed for viewing throughout the year. So many of us have sets handed down the generations that are forever saved for a special occasion but often end up just sitting in a box tucked away somewhere and forgotten. This brings it out as a permanent keepsake for everyday viewing. The more airtight you can make the box, the better. This will help prevent oxidation. You might also consider adding a small personally engraved plaque on the outer decorative carved wood frame marking the 5th anniversary and family name.

Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 5th anniversary.


Traditional 5th Anniversary:
Modern 5th Anniversary:
Alternate Modern:
Alternate Jewelry Materials:

Pink Tourmaline


Gift Links for 5th Anniversary

Wood for Both:
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Wood for Her:
Wood artisan jewelry
Gorgeous wooden roses
Personalized novels in romance and other genres and classics

Wood for Him:
Men's wooden jewelry
Personalized wood postcard love note
Personalized bottle opener for his man cave
Engraved baseball bat with his name
Wood valet stand

Flatware from Oneida

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Sapphire: here and
Pink tourmaline

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- From our Visitors -

For our fifth wedding anniversary we stayed in the largest log cabin in New Zealand. It was someone's personal home which they also use as a bed and breakfast. It was romantic and very appropriate.
-- Shalom

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The Welsh lovespoons are a great idea for a romantic keepsake in a prized position on the kitchen/dining wall!
-- Angie

For our 5th anniversary we got each other a new hardwood floor for the living room (ok laminate, but it looks like wood). This is something we can both enjoy for many years to come, and practical too!
-- Troy and Stephanie Latta

For our anniversary we try to give each other a “hobby” gift. We each have lots of hobbies. My husband, Tom, loves woodworking so I often get him a tool. One year I did some research and then talked to the salesman at our local building store. I picked out a very, very nice table saw and had the store put it on hold. On our anniversary I took him to the store and showed him what I had selected. The salesman showed him the features that the saw had. The deal was, if he still wanted the saw after he had a chance to look at it, it was his!!! He did want it (it was a better saw than he would have picked on his own) and the store loaded it on the truck and we took it home right then. He has used that saw for many years now.
-- Sarah

Since I love to watch birds in our backyard, Mike made me a bluebird house with our names inside a heart carved on the front of the bluebird house. The bluebirds love it and so do I.
-- Caroline and Mike





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