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Pearl jewelry such as a necklace pendant, earrings, bracelet, ring or brooch would obviously be the perfect gift to give your wife for your 30th anniversary. Elegant and always appropriate. In addition to classic white pearls, also consider black Tahitian pearl, delicate pink pearl, or unusual pearl designs that will add a new distinctive piece to her jewelry collection.

Alternatively, the real pearl white roses (upper left) preserved with glazing is a unique twist on the traditional bouquet of roses.

Gifts to give the couple celebrating their 30th anniversary...a Mother of Pearl bowl, figurine or vase for the home. Or perhaps give a commemorative personalized gift like a porcelain plate with the date and names of the couple.

The modern material of cloisonne can be found in a range of jewelry styles for earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

If you like to travel, visit an exotic location with pearling in its history such as tropical Broome, Australia. If your wedding anniversary falls between April/May and September/October then this is the perfect time to go since it will be during the dry season - warm days, blue skies, and lots of clean beach. It is a multicultural place with the pearl industry attracting settlers from all over the world.

Pearl jubilee is the alternate modern jewelry material for the 30th anniversary.


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Pearl Jewelry:
Pearl artisan jewelry
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Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Pearl Jubilee

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- From our Visitors -

My brother's 30th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. He is taking his wife on a Caribbean cruise but, the family is throwing them a wonderful surprise anniversary party. Of course, the colors are pearl, ivory and green. We have asked everyone to wear white or a variation. We are so excited. Can hardly wait to see their faces. I know my sister-in-law is going cry all night.
-- JJB

For our 30th wedding anniversary, I took my wife on an Alaskan cruise. While on board ship, we bought an oyster (closed of course) with cage heart necklace pendant. After returning home, we sat down with glasses of wine, opened the oyster and put the pearl in her pendant. Pretty Cool for old folks.
-- Larry Nissen

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My 30th wedding anniversary is coming up on May 19th! I'm married 30 yrs to a wonderful guy who has stood by through through so much! Many illnesses, surgeries, and family tragedies too! Everything you expect a husband to be and more! We alwauys planned to grow old together, but I never thought it would hapen so fast!
-- Karie

Today is our 30th anniversary, my husband had a beautiful double pearl ring made for me flanked by three diamonds on each side. It was a complete surprise.
-- Inge and John Curtis

For my parents’ 30th anniversary, since they both like puns and original gifts, I got them a couple of knitted sweaters (a ‘purly’ present!) hidden underneath lots of ping pong balls inside a big box covered in bubble wrap. They loved it!
-- Claire D.

I gave my wife tahitian pearl earrings for our anniversary. She loves to dress in black and said the pearls were perfect for her.
-- James K.





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