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55th Wedding Anniversary

Emerald jewelry would be the classic gift for the 55th anniverary, and there are many great earring, pendant, ring, and bracelet choices, but if she is not into emeralds, feel free to try the modern material of turquoise jewelry as a lovely alternative.

Gifts for the couple might include a dark green or light blue decorative item for the home. Perhaps an emerald green artisan glass bowl, green crystal figurine, emerald wine glasses, sculpture, or clothing.

Given that this is a special year, you may also consider commemorative personalized keepsake gift.

For an exotic gift, send the happy couple to Ireland, the Emerald Isle, or Emerald Bay in the Cayman Islands.

Alexandrite is the alternate modern jewelry material for the 55th anniversary.


Alternate Modern:
  • Emerald jewelry
  • Cufflinks or tie tack
  • Dark green art crystal
  • Dark green art glass
  • Turquoise jewelry
  • Turquoise cufflinks or tie tack
  • Native American jewelry
  • Red turquoise
  • Light blue artisan gifts
  • Dark green lingerie
  • Dark green clothing
  • Dark green home decor



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Recipe for an everlasting precious marriage: After mixing sufficient love, large amounts of mutual respect, add a teaspoonful of spicy emerald powder to the sparkling mixture, which in the meantime has softly turned into a delightful dough that should be gently pressed into loving hearts.
-- Margari

I got my husband a green banker's reading lamp for his desk.
-- Kristine










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