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10th Wedding Anniversary

Tin is the traditional material for the 10th wedding anniversary.

For a unique gift, give a love poem or favorite picture in a tin or pewter frame. We like the '10' tin frame to the left or the pewter frame in the lower righthand column. Pewter is an alloy that is 85-99% tin so this material is also still on theme. Pair your frame with a red rose for that extra touch.

For the modern material aluminum, this is a great opportunity for home decor. Historically, the material aluminum may have once included aluminum cookware, which is no longer in general use today, so feel free to substitute an anodized or stainless steel pan instead. The aluminum tipped flowers to the right would also be a lovely romantic idea.

When looking for gifts to give your wife, particularly on a special year like the tenth anniversary, if your budget allows, give consideration to the idea of diamond jewelry which is the alternative modern material for this anniversary year.

Blue sapphire is the alternate modern jewelry material for the 10th anniversary.


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Blue sapphire


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- From our Visitors -

For our tenth anniversary, I found a Cornish Jewellers who made cufflinks with Cornish tin in the shape of flattened tin cans for my husband!
-- Rachel, Isle of Man

For our 10th Wedding Anniversary I complied pictures of the last 10 years together on a DVD, it was very special and I can keep on adding pictures to it as we celebrate many more anniversary together.
-- M.H. Marble, North Carolina

Last year it was our 10th anniversary and we decided to make it really special instead of throwing a big party. After all the day is about the two of us. We went to a spa and hotel in Stellenbosch. On arrival we were greeted by a glass of champagne/orange juice, we were escorted to our suite with a king size bed full of rose petals as the hotel knew it was our anniversary. After that we went to the spa where we were pampered with body treatments and massages accompanied by more champagne. The evening we had dinner at the hotel, we slept over and the following morning we had a full buffet breakfast. That was awesome! It was a package deal so everything was included. I'll recommend it to anyone. Go out and spoil yourselves without any children. I wouldn't mind to do something like that again this year!
-- Lynette

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On our 10th anniversary I got a tin vase and had the florist remake my wife's wedding bouquet. She still treasures the old tin vase.
-- Rick M.

I collect antiques so on our 10th anniversary my husband went to several antique stores and bought a wonderful collection of antique tins. I had never collected them before and so this was new. I have been collecting them ever since, but none are as special as the first tins my husband bought me.
-- Judith

We gave the kids to my mom and took a 10 day cruise down around the Caribbean islands. It was the perfect amount of time to get away for our tenth anniversary.
-- Ally

My husband gave me roses and a pair of diamond earrings, my favorite. I gave him a gift certificate to a sports store, not romantic but trust me he would prefer that :)
-- Dana





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