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How To Have Many Happy Anniversaries

by Suzan L. Wiener

My husband and I have had 31 happy anniversaries and expect it to be a lot more. How you wonder did we manager to stay together for so many years? It's not easy in today's world of divorces, but a happy marriage takes work, but it‘s well-worth the effort. Here are ways Howard and I have found to keep our marriage happy and healthy. It will work for you both too.

  • Always treat your mate with respect. Never degrade him or her at home or when you're with others. The way you treat others, should also apply to your mate. After all, they are the most important to you.
  • Remember your mate’s birthday, Valentine's Day and other special holidays you two share. Forgetting their special times makes them feel you don't love them, even if to you it's not important. If it's important to your partner, it should be important to you.
  • Surprise your mate with a dinner you have made yourself. Make the table romantic with candles and your best china. Even if you're a male, you can do this. Get the help of an in-law if you need to. It will be well worth your while.
  • A great idea is to have a romantic occasion just the two of you celebrate. You can call it sweetie's day, or anything like that, but do it up right. A beautiful locket, or her favorite perfume or his best cologne would be perfect. You will surely reap the rewards.
  • The old rule of never going to bed angry really applies if you want a long, happy marriage and celebrate many happy anniversaries. We won't go to bed angry at all and any problem we have had will be resolved as quickly as we can.
  • Even if you are in a bad mood, don't take it out on your partner. Instead, talk to him or her about it, but never take your frustration out on them. You will be very unhappy if you do that and your marriage might be in peril.
  • Make a date with your mate as if you were single. Go to a romantic restaurant, see a play or a concert. If you can afford to, have it once a month, or more if you can. That will keep your marriage sizzling and you'll have many more happy anniversaries.
  • Any hand-made gifts you would like to make for your mate would really be appreciated and you will be thought of as very special. Most people today don't do any crafts, but it would mean a lot if you did.
  • Take marriage classes even after you're married. We did that and found it was very helpful. It teaches you how to get along with each other and encourages closeness and harmony.
  • Always apologize should you do something wrong, even if you don't think it was anything major. Your mate will really appreciate it and think you are wonderful.
  • Send your mate a thinking-of-you love card and they will be thrilled. An unexpected card is a gift of love and is always most appreciated. Howard has done this for me a lot and it always warms my heart.
Always spend as much time as you can with your mate. Even giving up your friends for one night is worth it and you will be much happier too. Following the above will lead you to a happy marriage and many happy anniversaries. That is what Howard and I try to do.

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