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Our Thirteenth Anniversary: Lucky in Love?

by anon

I always make a big deal out of wedding anniversaries. Why not? Each one is an accomplishment that should be celebrated. I figure we shouldn't have to wait for a "landmark" anniversary to pull out all the stops.

I had been making plans for weeks: dinner reservations, hotel reservations, and picking out just the right thing to wear. I even had babysitting handled. My sister agreed to keep the kids overnight if I'd do the same for her on her anniversary.

Everything was going great until I suddenly realized that our "thirteenth on the thirteenth" was on Friday the thirteenth! I berated myself for getting married on that date. I mean, we had to know that it would fall on a Friday at some point, but why on our thirteenth anniversary? This could not be good.

I was freaked out about it, but I decided to go forward with my plans. I had worked overtime, saved and planned, and I was going to surprise my husband with a great anniversary... even if it was unlucky! In the week leading up to our special day, I was a nervous wreck.

I began to think that we should just forget the whole thing and stay home.

When I woke up the morning of our anniversary, and looked at my husband, my fears began to melt away. How could anything bad happen? I was far more than lucky; I was blessed with this wonderful man for my companion, my friend, and the father of my children. My husband of thirteen years.

Friday the thirteenth or not, I wasn't going to let anything stop us from celebrating our many years of love for each other. The funny thing is that I don't even think he noticed what day it was, or maybe he just didn't say anything because he didn't want to shake me up.

Either way, we had a terrific anniversary. We enjoyed excellent food and wine, and stayed in a gorgeous hotel suite. Most of all, we enjoyed each other.

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