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On the morning of April 13th, I woke up to the smell of Lever 2000. Much to my surprise, my husband was up before me. This was our 5th wedding anniversary and I was excited. The previous night, before I went to bed, my husband told me today would be a day I would never forget. As I sat up, wiped my eyes, and rolled out of bed, I saw the first of many surprises to come. There was a tray beside the bed with one red rose, a gift bag, and an envelope. The envelope read, “To My Bride”. The note inside instructed me to grab the gift bag and proceed to the bathroom.

Inside the bag was the Victoria Secret Garden ‘Love Spell’ collection. I entered the shower where my husband was patiently waiting for me. He instructed me not to lift a finger and not to say a word. He proceeded to wash my hair, face and body with his hands. As he washed me, he graced me with the sweetest compliments as he moved his hands to a new area of my body. He assured me that as the years go by, he not only enjoys seeing the changes the years bring, he welcomes them. He was very gentle, very sensual. And very sweet. He led me from the shower to the bed and continued the string of compliments as he dried me off, lotioned my skin, and helped me dress.

First stop, brunch. It was around noon, and I was famished. He took me to a breakfast buffet, which is my favorite. When I returned from one of my many trips to the buffet table, I found a long, black, velvet box. I opened it, and inside was a sterling silver spoon with an inscription that read, “I want to spoon with you forever”. We sat in a small corner booth and fed each other. We took our time. Enjoying each other without having to rush anywhere was wonderful.

Next stop – the boutique. He knows that I LOVE boutiques. They just seem to cater to my style of dress, especially when I’m looking for something elegant and sexy. To my surprise, we were not going to shop. My husband had already picked out the dress he wanted me to wear for the evening. I was just going to give them my measurements as the dress was a surprise.

And where are we going off to now?

My husband took me to one of the premier spas downtown. What a sweetheart he is! It was the “all I needed” for so “all so long”. He scheduled a total body massage for both of us. And we were in the room together. At one point, we just lay there staring into each other’s eyes. The things we said to each other with our eyes, it took the meaning of foreplay to another level.

From there my husband dropped me off at the salon to get my hair and nails done. It was almost 5:30 pm and I was almost done when he arrived to pick me up. He had tickets for a dinner cruise from downtown NY harbor and boarding was from 6:30 – 7pm. We rushed home and when I got there, there was a long, black gown with silver spaghetti straps. There was also a long black evening coat just with three sparkling buttons. Hanging on the same hanger was a shoe bag. Inside was a pair of black pumps with satin ankle straps. The dress was almost perfect. It was just a little more snug than I would have preferred, but nothing that a little corset wouldn’t fix. The hem of the dress landed just at the top of my ankles and the split on each side ended just above my knee. The coat was just as long as my dress. It took longer than usual to get dressed because he insisted on helping (which included extra touching, playing, and modeling occasionally).

We missed the dinner cruise, which worked out to be a good thing. We opted to go to our favorite seafood restaurant instead. Dinner and conversation was warm and familiar. It sparked the revival of a romance that sometimes gets pushed aside for everyday responsibilities. And when we were silent, it was even more romantic, more familiar, more comfortable. It reminded us why we endure the day-to-day, the arguments, and the struggles. Stolen moments like these make it worthwhile. To sit in a moment staring into the face of the one person that still takes my breath away, the one person that I love with everything I have, and to know that person loves me back.

We strolled the streets of downtown Manhattan hand in hand, talking, laughing. I just enjoyed being with my best friend, life partner, protector, and admirer with whom I am so deeply in love with.

By the time we got back home, I was so full. Dinner was great, but my emotions were so overwhelming. So I loved him and he loved me back all night. It was like a love song. And my soul danced with his. There were no spoken words, but there was music and understanding.

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