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Three Years on the Love Boat

by Glen Shikunov

After marriage your life changes dramatically. It can be a wonderful feeling and a lonely one as well. Some men see marriage as a cage, a prison so to speak. Other women always feel like they deserve more then their husband can give them. However, there are some rare couples that take their vows, commit to one another, and never look back. My perfect marriage has not had many downfalls. All couples have their petty arguments about carpet colors or what type of dinner to buy, yet, all in all, I have to say I love my wife, and our marriage has never lost the passion or steam it had to begin with.

While some marriages lose romance within the first year, our marriage has the same romance it has always had. As our third year anniversary was coming up I thought about how lucky we were to both retain our romantic side all through our marriage. This anniversary somehow needed to be appreciative of her. Somehow, I wanted to show my wife that she still completed me and the romance that once was, still is.

It was a hot summer July and the weather was reaching a steaming level. My wife is from the north and loves cold weather so the climate is a little frustrating for her. Instead of spending the money I knew we did not have on a vacation, I decided to bring the winter season to her. Chicago is a city of wonders, and if you look hard enough you will find anything and everything you ever wanted to do. About an hour away from our house was a little known ice rink that operated in the summer. Ice skating was cheap, romantic, and best of all, cold. My wife and I both don’t figure to be too good of ice skaters but when you’re in love it does not hurt to fall together.

I bought an old tree online, extremely cheap, might I add, as it happened to be July. The tree was not what I expected, but it was tall enough, and looked like a real Christmas tree. I pulled out all our old Christmas decorations from the basement and started my task of decorating while my wife was out at work. The tree was hidden in the basement, but it was rough keeping my wife out of there for a week. I’m sure she was curious as to why I volunteered to clean the basement every time she said she needed to. On the day of our anniversary I decorated the whole living room with white confetti and popcorn making it look somewhat like snow (it was not perfect, but being a man I am lacking in the imagination department). A Christmas chocolate cake was set in the center of the room on the table with a candlelit dinner for two. On the cake was the message “Every Christmas brings us closer and makes us one.” I also wrote “If you are cold on this winter day I will hold you to take your pain away” on the napkins.

The whole evening was a complete success. I had a dancing Santa set up on the doorstep so when she came to the front he was her “greeter.” I also wrapped a couple of fake presents (stuffed pillows, old teddy bears, etc.) under the tree to make it look more like Christmas. The neighbors must have thought we lost our marbles because my stereo was playing Christmas carols in the middle of July on full blast. It was one of the best anniversaries we have ever had according to my wife. I feel like the future will bring many more.

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