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Treasure Hunt

by B. Powers

My husband is the most romantic man in the world, for our first anniversary he took me on a treasure hunt!

The day started out with Breakfast in Bed and the first "clue" of the day was left on the tray. After solving the clue, we then proceeded to follow the clues to all the places we that had been our favorites when we were dating. Our favorite restaurants, our favorite beach, etc. At each place another clue appeared and a small gift.

The most fantastic was when we went to our favorite place to have lunch and when I opened the menu, the next clue fell out. The host at the restaurant had put it inside the menu the day before and kept it in a special place, then produced it at the appropriate time!

After an entire day of this, we ended up at the Beach @ sunset and the last clue said "You have always been my treasure. I know we will always solve the clues together!...and oh by the way, your real present has been in the back of this car, the whole time!"

As of tomorrow, we've been solving those clues of life for 17 years!

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