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Our recommendation for snuggling!

Cotton Hammocks in Elegant Color Scheme and Styles

Comfortably fits two adults. The kind without spreaderbars are more stable, and fit you and your spouse like a cocoon.

Cotton Artisan Jewelry

Buddhist Cotton Gifts

Artisan Canvas Flasks

Artisan Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton Clothing from Husband's Favorite Team






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    Second Wedding Anniversary
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Cotton is the primary traditional material for the second anniversary, so it is a very easy year to shop for, with a wide range of creative and practical ideas.

See that gorgeous hammock to the left? Well a luxuriously relaxing hammock is our top pick for the cotton anniversary. You can only understand how comfortable this type of hammock is once you try. Don't get the kind of hammock with spreader bars - too easy to fall out when you're cuddling. Instead, this style of hammock without spreader bars will wrap around you like a cocoon! This is the perfect second anniversary gift a couple can give to themselves because they easily accommodate two people and can be used for snuggling, napping, and reading together.

We searched all over for a reputable company to recommend, and this is our choice because they source their hammocks from genuine artisans so these are the real deal. Plus, they come in a beautiful array of color choices. Enjoy!

This is also the perfect anniversary to give clothing, scarves, or gifts for the home. For your husband, you can't go wrong with a fun t-shirt, or hat or clothing from his favorite sports team.

Calico is the modern material, though you are probably better off sticking with cotton. However, if you wish to try this one, your best bet will be to find clothing or a decorative rug in an animal print.

China is the alternate modern material for the 2nd anniversary. In this case, focus on fine china, pottery, a vase, or tableware. Plenty of scope here for expanding your homeware.

Garnet is the alternate modern jewelry material for the 2nd anniversary.


Gift Links for 2nd Anniversary

Cotton for Both:
A Personalized Word Art Canvas
Genuine cotton Yucatan Mayan and Brazilian hammocks
Quality cotton clothing

Cotton for Her:
Cotton accessories for women
Cotton artisan jewelry
Cotton jewelry boxes and travel cases
Cotton bouquet of roses
Handcrafted women's clothing
For the knitting, crochet, and sewing chicks
Cotton clothing and gifts for the free spirit
Unique experiences in fashion & style

Cotton for Him:
Clothing from your husband's favorite sports team
Apparel with themed vintage trains, planes, motor vehicles
Shop by activity at Columbia Sportswear
Men's funny and cheeky aprons

Oneida dinnerware and kitchenware
Lenox elegant tableware
Fine china patterns
Porcelain roses
For more china gifts, visit our 20th anniversary

Alternate Materials for Jewelry:
Garnet: here and here and here and here

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On our 2nd anniversary, my husband did a very special clever thing. The 2nd anniversary is cotton. Knowing how much I appreciate lovely sheets and linens, he did the following: I opened a beautiful romantic card with many lovely words about how much he loved and cared for me - and hanging off the card was a long piece of cotton that seen to go on forever. I followed the cotton around our bedroom until I discovered a lovely parcel. In this parcel was a set of beautiful egyptian 750 thread sheets - so soft and luxurious. The cotton thread kept going - out the hall, down the stairs until I found another gift. A pure lambs wool cover for the mattress - equally as lovely. So everytime we get into bed, we think about our anniversary and snuggle in our lovely comfy bed.
-- Tracy

We threw out the old, cheap sheets we had been using since we first moved in together five years earlier and splurged on some serious thread count ones! Very worth the investment.
-- Trevor and Clare


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