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    7th Wedding Anniversary
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For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool, plus the modern gifts ideas are brass and desk sets.

Ideas might include copper jewelry, brass jewelry, and home decor such as sculptures, furniture, or appliances. These copper and brass plated roses are quite unique! See links below for more great copper and brass ideas for the home.

For wool, you could spice up a room in the home with a new decorative rug or perhaps a wool blanket to cuddle under together when watching a movie. Or you could give clothing such as a warm shawl for her or a sweater for him.

A wonderful his-and-hers idea for winter would be genuine Australian-made ugg boots, where they were invented decades ago! As a travel gift, consider visiting a place where wool is produced such as New Zealand or South America.

Onyx and Yellow Sapphire are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 7th anniversary.


Gift Links for 7th Anniversary

Copper for Her:
Copper roses
Artisan copper jewelry
Copper meditation rings

Copper for Him:
Copper sculpture
Historical copper gifts
Copper tone watches

Copper for Both:
Copper filigree hammock for cuddling
Copper gifts by worldwide artisans
Healing bracelets and quirky copper gifts

Wool for Her:
Artisan wool shawls and wraps
Wool jewelry

Wool for Him:
Australian ugg boots

Wool for Both:
Quality wool jackets and sweaters
Australian ugg boots (genuine from Australia, worldwide shipping)
Hand-woven wool gifts

Brass for Her:
Brass artisan jewelry
Real roses preserved in brass
Sustainable & ethical personalized gifts
Fine French chocolate with brass engraved box
Brass jewelry and watches

Brass for Him:
Historical brass gifts
African artistic masks

Brass for Both:
Brass artisan gifts
Buddhist home decor brass gifts

Desk Sets and Office:
Gifts for his office desk
Fine writing instruments for office with engraving

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Onyx jewelry: here and here and here
Onyx sculpture
Yellow sapphire

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- From our Visitors -

Determined not to be the husband who forgets his anniversary, I've bookmarked, and annually reference Thanks to your site, not only do I remember my anniversary, but I also give the most thoughtful, amazing gift to my deserving wife. This year is our 7th. How easy to follow a recommendation of copper colored wool Ugg boots. She'll be thrilled with my confidently given gift. provides me with ideas, and an avenue to purchase a momentum that symbolizes how special my wife is to me.
-- Bob Hemond

We bought a large and very warm wool-blend blanket to cuddle under during our cold winters here while watching movies on the couch together.
-- Declun and Jennifer

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My husband is most definitely a romantic, so trying to out "ahhh" him can be quite a challenge.  So I started researching for our seven year anniversary six months in advance.  I was very delighted to discover that wool was a choice.  Since I've been knitting for over 35 years, my first thought was "wool sweater."  Then I carried that theme a step further and created a fisherman knit pattern utilizing x's and o'x and a pattern called "marriage lines", which is essentially a zig-zag pattern to represent the ups and downs of marriage.  I threw in a couple of cable patterns for good measure and set to work.  I tried to work on it before work and at lunch, but realized I'd never get it done in time, so I had to work on it at home.  My husband is also very observant.  He always knows what project I'm working on, so I told him he could see what I was working on, but he'd have to forget what it was until it was done.  I must say, the sweater turned out beautifully, but the best part was the look on his face when he put it on for the first time.  He wore it to work and proudly told all his co-workers that I had made this especially for him to show him how much I love him.  Now I have to come up with another "ah" for eight years and I think I raised the bar too high! -- Becky

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