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    9th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional 9th
Modern 9th
Alternate Modern:
Alternate Jewelry:

How to make the traditional material of pottery romantic? Try these elegant porcelain flowers or artisan ceramic jewelry.

The 9th anniversary is also a great opportunity to purchase a gift together for your home such as pottery. When you view your vase in future years, you will fondly recall your young family. There is also a wide range of other gifts for the home in pottery, ceramic, and porcelain.

If you wish to give a gift of willow, surprise your spouse with a private picnic in the woods (don't forget the bug spray!). Another willow idea is to seek out a local woodcarver craftsman and have him or her make a willow rocking chair, footstool or corner table. A vase with a pussywillow arrangement would utilize both the pottery and willow materials. A picture of willow trees would also match this material. Or include the children and plant a willow tree in the backyard as a family! Here are many more willow themed ideas.

The alternate modern material of leather is another great alternative where there are tons of possibilities.

Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 9th anniversary.


Gift Links for 9th Anniversary

Artisan Vases and Pottery
Terra Cotta Crafted by Artisans
Elegant terracotta pots with quality candles
Artisan Ceramic & Stoneware Gifts
Local pottery classes

Ceramic Ideas:
Ceramic jewelry
Handpainted porcelain roses
Artisan home decor
Ceramic gifts for the spirit
Ceramic tribal masks for him
Potted bonsai

Willow picnic baskets
Artisan willow themed gifts from around the world

Fine leather jackets and accessories
Leather jewelry
For more leather gift ideas, see our 3rd anniversary

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Lapis Lazuli: here and here
Amethyst: here and here and here
   yet more: here and here and here

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My wife loves to collect pottery so I decided to book her some classes with a local pottery workshop. It was a big hit!
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