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Between raising children, working on your careers, and all the other chaotic details of life, the 14th anniversary is one that some people pass by without marking. Instead, plan to get away together for the weekend or overnight. Ship the kids off to your parents' place at least for one night if you can. By this time in a marriage, we are so busy and often feel pulled in every direction. So plan ahead and set aside alone time for you and your spouse.

Ivory is the traditional material for the 14th anniversary, but please only ever buy products that are made using imitation ivory which is often made using a composite sourced from non-endangered animal bones, tagua nuts, or some other non-animal source. Please never purchase real ivory because that supports an illegal and brutal elephant poaching industry. Better yet, make a donation to the elephant rescue charity in Tennesee. They provide forever homes for elephants who have been mistreated in circuses or found living in inadaquate and cramped zoo conditions. It is truly a gift from the heart!

Along the theme of ivory, any kind of elephant-themed gift would also be perfect. Elephant design jewelry makes for a fun and unique gift.

Gold is the alternate modern material for the 14th anniversary, and the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 14th anniversary are opal, agate, and bloodstone. So this pretty much opens up a wide range of jewelry gift options for your wife.

For a twist on the bone theme but with a non-endangered animal, check out this artisan cow bone jewelry and bull and water buffalo horn jewelry.

If you do give jewelry, consider presenting it to your wife in an artisan elephant box which will become a permanent keepsake reminder of your 14th wedding anniversary. We feel this adds a really nice extra special touch to the ivory theme, particularly if you wish to give gold jewelry in a classic design. Alternatively, this would also be the perfect box in which to enclose a love note or poem.

For flowers, you could give her preserved ivory colored roses trimmed with gold.


Gift Links for 14th Anniversary

Ivory and Elephant Themed Gifts:
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Gold Jewelry:
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More Gold Gifts:
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Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Opal: here and here and here and here and here
Agate: here and here and here
Bloodstone: here and here

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My husband and I share a love of music, so I am taking him to a fine restaurant with a a pianist who will "tickle the ivories" for our fourteenth anniversary.
-- Alicia

The traditional 14th anniversary gift is ivory. That created a bit of a dilemma for me, for two reasons:
1. The modern ivory trade is illegal. That would leave only the possibility of purchasing antique ivory.
2. I'm vegan. I do my best not to use (or purchase) ANY animal products because I oppose domestication, captivity, cruelty, and factory farming.
Then it came to me. For years I've heard about artisans using fossil mammoth ivory to make all sorts of items. For some reason, a fossil-mammoth-ivory-handled knife seemed like the right gift for my husband for our 14th anniversary. And since they've been extinct for 30,000 years, it also wouldn't go against my vegan ideals.
... After some searching, I contacted a local knife maker who had lovely, coloured fossil mammoth ivory (with bits of blue and turquoise from minerals in the ground during fossilisation) on-hand. Within days, the knife was assembled and polished, making it a fabulous, timeless, and usable gift, for under $1,000. Ivory dilemma solved.
-- M. Armstrong

My suggestion is for a 14-year wedding anniversary gift: A small, beautiful Ganesha figurine. Appropriate for either a man or a woman, and you don't have to be Hindu to appreciate the beauty and significance of a lovely Ganesha.
-- Diane

I brought out my ivory colored wedding dress, and we danced around the living room together to our favorite romantic songs. This really got us in the mood! ;)
-- Jeanine






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