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    11th Wedding Anniversary
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The traditional material steel may seem like a difficult thing to work into an anniversary gift, but there are actually so many neat possibilities that can be romantic, practical, or both.

For men, the 11th anniversary is a very easy shopping year with ideas like tools for the shed, sports gear, a steel watch, accessories, and memorabilia from his favorite sports team. If he is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, then the eleventh anniversary is a no-brainer when shopping for your man. See the many steel links for men below!

For women, a bouquet of eleven roses for the 11th wedding anniversary is a great idea, or any kind of flowers in a steel vase. Roses made out of steel would be another fantastic 11th anniversary gift!

And, of course, steel is a great way to select a gift for the anniversary couple such as steel art, home appliances, furnishings, or pretty much anything for the home that contains this material. Easy!

The alternate modern material for eleventh anniversary is jewelry so steel jewelry is certainly a perfect match on both counts, but don't feel limited to just steel if you are having trouble finding a style you like. Your wife will be just as happy with a material that is reminiscent of steel, such as white gold or silver.

Turquoise and Citrine are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 11th anniversary. These are both lovely stone choices, and here is some jewelry with both stones.


Gift Links for 11th Anniversary

Steel for Her:
Steel artisan jewelry
Real roses preserved in steel
Stainless steel watches
Smartwatches - feminine designs, modern tech

Steel for Him:
Smartwatches - traditional design, new tech
Personalized Fossil watches for men
Masculine stainless steel bracelets
Steel sports gifts from his favorite team
Historical and nostalgic steel gifts
Hire a fishing or sailboat for the day (with or without captain)
Steel jewelry for men

Steel Gifts for Both:
Steel gifts by artisans around the world
Unique and practical steel gifts for the home
Oneida stainless steel flatware and tableware
Stainless steel appliances

Beautiful artisan jewelry
Delicate jewelry
Alternative jewelry
Free spirit turquoise and citrine jewelry

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Turquoise: here and here and here and here
Citrine: here and here and here
Both: jewelry with both stones

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- From our Visitors -

For our 11th anniversary my husband bought me a brand new Harley-Davidson Street Bob! How's that for a gift of steel?!? We are getting ready to celebrate our 14th and I see the traditional gift is Ivory...there's a sweet Heritage I got my eye on that happens to be Ivory colored! I love you, Billy, with all my heart!
-- Tina J-H

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I met my wife thru a friend, at this time we were just friends. We would talk over the phone have dinner go out dancing, we would make time just to talk about our day. As our friendship developed we would talk about our current relationship we both had at the time. Funny some of our partner would get upset due to our friendship. Until one time I let her know that I was starting to develop feelings for her and she let me know she was not ready for a relationship with me. I felt hurt but not crushed. We continue our friendship with time about a year, she also let me know she had feeling for me. And the rest is history 11 years of marriage and 2 wonderful kids. And our love and lives as one continues to grow into something bigger and bigger everyday is wonderful. I love my wife very much, without her by my side i would be so empty. My wish for every man out there looking for that special someone, is I hope they find someone just like my wife.
-- Enrique

I finally got my dream cookware set of stainless steel and threw out all the old banged-up pans!
-- Tina

The steel jewelry is good idea. She has nothing like that in her collection so I know it won't be a duplicate.
-- David






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