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    60th Wedding Anniversary
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Diamond jewelry is the classic gift for a 60th anniversary. By now, you probably know her style quite well, so choose diamond or gold jewelry that fits her tastes. If you are not sure, choose classic conservative styles rather than trying something too flashy. For the husband, a gold tie tack, cufflinks, or ring are perfect.

As a gift for the couple, a diamond themed home decor gift or a personalized commemorative keepsake are lovely ideas.

Personalized family heirloom gifts are a fantastic option. See links to the right >>

Fine crystal flowers or a crystal figurine also tie into the diamond theme.

Add sparkly silver glitter or crystal rhinestones to cards, invitations and gift wrap.

Greetings can be solicited from Queen Elizabeth II, the President of the United States, or, in other countries, the Prime Minister.

For a more exotic gift, give the couple a trip to Arkansas where they can visit Crater of Diamonds State Park which is a public diamond mine.

Diamond Jubilee and Star Ruby are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 60th anniversary.




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My parents recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. Us kids made a collage of their early dating days, wedding, and throughout the marriage raising us, and then we framed it in a gold trim. A lot of tears in the room that day! They now have it hanging in their kitchen.
-- J.B.

Ohio couple married 65 years die 11 hours apart
- Editor

Here is a neat link to the official Queen Elizabeth 60th Diamond Anniversary website.
-- editor

70th anniversary couple tells secret to their marriage.
-- Editor









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