Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas
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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Advice on planning a special wedding anniversary for your wife or husband! This section includes tips for guys, ways to say 'I love you', what not to do, themes for planning an anniversary, and romance on a budget.


Unique Gift Ideas:
We recommend beginning with your anniversary year as the brainstorming start point. From there, based on the materials that are traditional for your year, you will find tons of anniversary gift ideas that would have never occurred to you otherwise.


On a Tight Budget:
In these economic times, there are many things you can still do to make your anniversary and extra special day. This is a very cute idea that costs very little but shows you gave forethought and love to your anniversary preparation. Here are some simple but effective ideas for creating that loving anniversary spirit. And finally, some musings from LadyJade on how to celebate a wedding anniversary on a budget.



Themes For Two:

The Picnic - A checklist for making sure your romantic picnic is a delight rather than a disaster

Breakfast Surprise - This is a classic but a goody, and who doesn't love to be pampered?

Dinner and Movie - An oldie but goodie that is always enjoyed

The Getaway - Send the kids the in-laws and take a weekend just for the two of you!


Anniversary Advice:
Some practical gift advice on what to give your wife as well as some tongue in cheek, but true, humorous advice on what not to give her for your wedding anniversary. Also, see quick tips to men on gift giving and for those of you who procrastinate, here are some great last minute gift ideas.






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