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Whether you are looking for inspiring anniversary poetry or just feeling romantic, here are some original poems, commissioned specifically for our site, to get you in the mood. Please enjoy reading these love poems in the left column and feel free to add yours!


A Wee Note by Stephen Mark Fautley

For My Husband John by Linda Wear

The Symphony on Our First by Bob Browning

On Our 25th Anniversary by Nancy Virginia Varian

I Cannot Imagine by Tonya L. Thompson

Twenty Down by Bob Browning

Every Day by Ranae

When We Were Young by Jessica McDowell

Photo Album by Tonya L. Thompson

My Dream by Neale Sourna

Our Road by Jessica McDowell

I Am Glad by Bob Browning

Waiting For You by Tonya L. Thompson

Had I Believed by Tonya L. Thompson

You’re Still the One by Jessica McDowell

My Love by Jessica McDowell

With Your Love by Jessical McDowell

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