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We've started a collection of stories about how couples have spent their wedding anniversaries, grouped by year of marriage. Please enjoy these anniversary stories. Add yours!

There are more anniversary stories and specific gift ideas at the bottom of each anniversary page.


2nd Anniversary:   Anniversary Without Spending Money by Michelle Reynolds
The Second Year Romance by Glen Shikunov
What Love’s Got To Do With It by toosweetkimmer
3rd Anniversary:   Three Years on the Love Boat by Glen Shikunov
4th Anniversary:   Send us your story
5th Anniversary:   Husband Planned the Day! by anon
Honey at the Wheel: Our Fifth Anniversary by anon
The Fifth Year of Love by Glen Shikunov
An Account of Our 5th by Rachael G.
6th Anniversary:   Send us your story
7th Anniversary:   The Seventh Year Anniversary Struggle by Glen Shikunov
8th Anniversary:   Send us your story
9th Anniversary:   Send us your story
10th Anniversary:   Celebrating a Milestone by Mary M. Alward
The Old Fashioned Way: Mock Wedding by Mary M. Alward
Not Your Everyday Anniversary Story by Mrs. Angela S. Bell
Vow Renewal in Vegas by Linda Kaserman
11th Anniversary:   Just Having Fun Together by Mary M. Alward
12th Anniversary:   Turning Lemons into Lemonade by Mary M. Alward
The Greatest Gift by Andrea McBride
13th Anniversary:   Our Thirteenth Anniversary: Lucky in Love? by anon
14th Anniversary:   Send us your story
15th Anniversary:   Cherish Every Moment by Karena Andrusyshyn
Simplicity in Celebration by Mary M. Alward
  Poem To Parents On 18th Anniversary by Heather Dossey
20th Anniversary:   Send us your story
  Send us your story
25th Anniversary:   Silver Anniversary Celebrations by anon
25th Anniversary Scrapbook Gift by Alison5280
  Still the Best of Friends by MRH
30th Anniversary:   We Were Told It Would Not Last by Jane
31st - 34th

How To Have Many Happy Anniversaries by Suzan L. Wiener
Are Power Tools an Anniversary Gift? by Donna

35th Anniversary:   Quiet Garden BBQ Anniversary by Ronnie
36th- 39th
  Sail Away by Lynn & Char
40th Anniversary:   Send us your story
41st - 44th
  42nd Wedding Anniversary by Earlene and Ron Gough
Together for 48 Years by Ken and Sandy E.
45th Anniversary:   Send us your story
46th - 49th
  Send us your story
50th Anniversary:   50th Wedding Anniversary Party by Deb
Vacation Home Anniversary Gathering by Angela

Wedding Anniversaries for One by Gail Kavanagh
51st - 59th
  Send us your story
60th Anniversary
or higher:
  A Diamond Anniversary Party by Mary M. Alward
78th Anniversary in Alabama by Donna Elkins


Be sure to check out the bottom of the anniversary gift pages for gift ideas specific to each year!


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