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When We Were Young
by Jessica McDowell

When we were young we couldn’t wait to get bigger,
When we were young we couldn’t wait to be older,
When we were young we couldn’t wait to drive that car,
When were young we couldn’t wait to go on that first date,
When we were young we couldn’t wait to be old enough to buy that first drink,

Then we got that little bit older,
We had our trials and triumphs of every young adult,
The first taste of freedom leaving home for college,
The staying up a little too late and out a little too long,
We had the feeling of having our own place,
The barely getting by on minimum wage,
We fell in love and knew marriage was right and it had to be now.

We made a family full of love and children,
We matured with the fear of parenthood,
Our hearts outside our chests in those small little bodies,
We watched them grow and began and saw life anew through their little eyes.

Now we are old our children grown with babies of their own,
We sit on our porch and watch the days go by,
We look back and reminisce,
We wonder where the time went and how it went by so fast,
How silly of us as children to want life to fast forward.
Life is a precious gift in all of its mysteries, trials, and surprises.


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