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Waiting For You
by Tonya L. Thompson

Through short-lived hope, and fading ideals,
the dream of you kept me searching,
waiting for the moment when all that I had lived for
would find me here, and bring comfort to
this weary traveler who needed it most.

With aching feet and tired heart, I walked from life to life,
in towns where I was a stranger,
in places that existed only for lovers to share,
and grew anxious with the journey,
that seemed endless and left me wanting.

Lights that once danced grew dim, and music
that once filled the air became a faint whisper,
a reminder that drifted on the wind
of what was missing from my life,
and the beauty I knew I could know.

All that prepared me for you – the lonely nights,
the failed attempts at love – fades now
in the light of this moment, this dance
we share beneath the impassioned light
of a crimson harvest moon. 

Your breath on mine, the air that moves
my spirit past all that has been lost,
settles the beating of my heart,
until at long last, and here with you,
I have found my peace.


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