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I Cannot Imagine
by Tonya L. Thompson

I cannot imagine my life without yours entwined,
or waking up each morning without you near,
to tell me of your troubled dreams,
or hectic schedule, over-planned,
or annoyances with the weather
and the incessant rain.

I cannot believe that the years have passed so quickly,
leaving wrinkles on our skin,
that are more laugh-lines than aging,
expressions of joy and perfection,
of the inane silliness of children,
and fulfillment beyond explanation.

The mirror reflects our casual comfort,
you, with your shaving cream,
and me, with my graying hair,
and we laugh at nothing when
the water splashes, content to be
in each other’s way getting ready.

There couldn’t be more than this—
this reason for waking, this necessary friendship,
this lovely moment between soul-mates
and their routine together.

It seems only yesterday when I said, “I Do.”
If this is forever, it will be over too soon.


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