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Had I Believed
by Tonya L. Thompson

Had I seen that you existed, that your effervescent heart
beat in a world that was steadily growing dull,
had I known that you were waiting, watching, preparing
for the moment when our eyes would meet –

Had I believed for one moment that the despair I had embraced
would be forever washed away by the light of your smile,
or known that your soul was waiting for mine,
to heal, to breathe, to find happiness together –

Had I realized that time was waiting for me to heal,
to find that part of myself that had remained silent,
and bring to the surface the measured discontent
I carried on my heavy shoulders—

I would have held joy in my heart, counting the hours
until we were fated to see all that lay before us,
knowing that finding life after living so long
was the reward my anxious heart was seeking.


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