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50th Wedding Anniversary Party

by Deb

Lou and Ann have been married 50 years and live in a very active retirement community. They wanted to have an anniversary party that they would enjoy and since they have a lot of friends, they decided to throw a big party. The started planning it about three months in advance.

They made invitations with their old engagement picture on the front cover and a current picture on the inside page. The invitations were sent out to friends and family inviting everyone to “come party with us and help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.”

The first hour were cocktails and appetizers as everyone talked and got acquainted with Ann and Lou’s children, grandchildren, and friends from their college days. About 100 people came to the party. Showing on the TV was a continuous loop slideshow of Lou and Ann’s life. People could gather round and see what Lou and Ann looked like though the years.

Then it was time for some fun! Lou and Ann’s friends performed a mock wedding skit with the minister wearing a Richard Nixon mask and the bride dressed as a princess and the groom dressed as a frog. The skit was kept a surprise to Lou and Ann until just before it started because they had to get in their costumes too. The “wedding vows” consisted of an hilarious poem that highlighted funny snippets of Lou and Ann’s life. Then several friends sang a funny song about the idiosyncrasies and quirks of Lou and Ann. Everyone was laughing so hard, some people had tears running down.

Dinner was a buffet dinner. Round tables were set with candles and flowers. The guests talked and ate. After dinner, music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s was played. People danced the slow romantic dances and they rock-n-rolled to the fast dances. Everyone had a great time, especially Lou and Ann!!!!!






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