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by anon

My brother Woody and sister-in-law Tricia wanted to celebrate their silver anniversary with their close family and friends around them. Their wedding had been a simple ceremony at the registrar’s office followed by a small reception and now, twenty-five years down the road of marital bliss with its normal share of bumps and speed-breakers, they wanted every one who had mattered to them over the years to share this day with them.

The highlight of the morning of the great day was an exchange of vows at home - a renewal of their commitment to each other. Tricia gave Woody a beautiful gold watch, while he did her proud with a diamond eternity ring! They went off to have quiet brunch by themselves at their favorite restaurant while their daughter Nicky and I gave the final touches to the party that they had planned for about twenty-five couples.

They had sent out invitations a month earlier. Tricia had scanned a wedding photograph and printed it in sepia tones as a backdrop for the message, which read: “Tricia and Woody have survived twenty-five years of wedded life. Joins us to celebrate at…” The colors were blue and silver and we carried the theme through the party decorations and their clothes. Tricia wore an elegant blue and silver gown with a lovely lapis and silver necklace. My brother looked dashing in a dark blue suit with a blue tie – the silver in his hair and beard completed the theme!

The party venue was decorated with gauzy blue and silver drapes flowing around the columns and walls. Blue tablecloths with large blue and silver bows on the chairs and blue candles in silver candle stands adorned the tables. The bushes and trees around the lawn glowed with blue fairy lights. We had made a several collages of photographs that we put up on the walls. One was of their life together, from their single days to the birth of their two children to the present. Another was of photographs and messages from people who were not with us that day.

It was a memorable evening filled with joy, laughter, food, drink, music and dancing. The music was strictly retro – including ‘their’ song, her favorite kind of music, and his favorite singers. The guest list comprised of childhood neighbors, school friends, and colleagues from work in addition to close and extended family. Twenty-five couples formed a tunnel of arches and as the couple walked through it, I read out twenty-five milestones of their personal and professional lives. Champagne flowed as a family friend who had been a witness to the ceremony proposed a toast – looking forward to golden moments together.

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