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The Seventh Year Anniversary Struggle

by Glen Shikunov

The seventh year anniversary is considered a curse on many marriages. It seems to be the year that the couple starts realizing something is wrong, the passion is lost, and other problems arise. They say the seventh year anniversary makes or breaks a couple. If they have a happy night together the marriage is bound to last, if they have arguments roaring throughout the house the marriage will likely crumble.

I was determined to end the curse, at least in my family. The weeks leading up to my seventh year anniversary with my adoring wife were strenuous however, as once again I could not come up with anything special for us. The curse hit us like a wall of bricks however as we started arguing about money when I proposed a vacation we both knew we did not have the wallets for. A brief argument led me to believe that maybe this was that curse peeking its ugly head into our house, but I shook the feeling off and began to prepare a “vacation” of my own.

I explained to my wife I found a very cheap vacation that both of us could enjoy. She was still angry, and we even got into the argument over our joint bank account. However, what she did not know was that the vacation I prepared would cost me around the fifty dollar range as it was set up in our very own backyard.

The next day I went out to the store and bought marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. I also picked up some hot dogs and buns for the fire. Finding a fire pit is near impossible, and I did not know where to begin to look so I used our old extra large skillet (and yes, I am not kidding) to start the fire in. We had a tent from our old backpacking days somewhere in the basement and as soon as I could fight off the spiders I had it in my possession. The love music was set up in the backyard on my battery powered stereo and the scene was set for my upset wife to be surprised.

My wife came home from work stressed and grumpy. I told her we’re about to go on our vacation and she gave another earful before telling me she did not start to pack. Of course to keep the surprise going I had to endure all the arguments, but it was all worth it in the end. I brought her to our backyard and her eyes lit up as she saw the tent out with the fire burning and music playing. She literally jumped into my arms and said I’m sorry at least a couple of times before we sat down to make our hot dogs out on the open fire.

The seventh year anniversary could be a tricky one for most couples. Just remember that seven is just a number, and you truly are in love to have already spent all these years together with your wife. We had a great time spending the night in the tent, roasting hot dogs, and making smores. Yet, none of that compared to the conversations we had about our life together and how much we mean to each other. This ended up being a fantastic anniversary, and there were plenty more after that which will never be forgotten as well.

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