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First Anniversary Getaway

by Alexandra Maliarakis

The two of us met at the bank a little over three years ago. He was the personal finance manager; I was in need of personal finance. I had just graduated from college with a degree in photography, and I was still trying to balance my student loan payments with my shopping addiction. Let’s say I desperately needed help with money management.

I was struggling with no idea of how to balance my accounts. Then in walks Johnny - well, at that time it was Mr. D*******. He showed me how to improve my management of finances, and he even helped me open a high interest savings account.

It was almost a year before we talked again. I had seen him in passing at the bank, but we never spoke. Then, near Christmas, I had received an invitation to the bank Christmas party. I was happy to receive an invitation because, to me, it was a real achievement to have my finances sorted out… Ok I lie; I was hopping to bump into Mr. D******* again.

I put on my “All American, this girl’s got her banking under control and still she’s hot, suit”. Or, at least that’s what I call it. I walk into the convention center where they were holding the party and, wow, there were so many people there.

“Too many people, too many suits, and too many people I don’t know.” I unknowingly thought out loud.

Well, John D******* was right behind me and he just whispered in my ear, “I feel the same way at these things. If it helps you we can walk in together. That way you’re not going it alone.”

Well that night was like magic. We dated for about a year and a half, and then he popped the question in a quiet little bistro in upper Manhattan.

Our wedding was mostly family with some friends and was the most romantic day of my life up until our first year anniversary. Johnny woke me up at dawn and said “Your things are packed, we have a flight to catch so get up and ready.” Then he whisked me away to the airport.

I slept for most of the plane ride and awoke in Aruba. He had booked a romantic getaway at the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. We had heated stone massages, breakfast in bed, and best of all, each other.

It was so perfect to get away from work and the rest of the world and just get that quality one-on-one time. It is so important with the hustle and bustle of the world to find time to spend with that special someone in your life.

I know that you can’t always be whisked away somewhere for your anniversary. You can, however, look into your lovers eyes and tell them what they really mean to you and for that moment it will feel like the two of you are by yourselves on some deserted island taking your own walks on the beach hand in hand.

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